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On a $100,000 loan at those rates, the principal and interest on the ARM would be $73 less each month. Despite the higher initial payments, about 93 percent of refinance applications in September were for fixed-rate mortgages, and 7 percent were for ARMs, according to the mortgage bankers association.

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Flexible Terms to Fit All of Your Home-buying Needs. ARM products contain two numbers. The first number refers to the number of years the interest rate at closing remains fixed. The second number is the number of years in between interest rate changes after the initial fixed term expires. A.

When to Refinance Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) to a. – When to Refinance Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage When you are ready to take out a mortgage for your home, the two main options available are an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and a fixed-rate mortgage.

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Refinancing might not help – Some people believe they can get an ARM to take advantage of the low interest rate and just refinance into another ARM, or a fixed-rate mortgage after the initial rate is up. However, if interest rates have risen since you got your loan, rates could be much higher than they were perviously.

Compare refinance rates and lower your monthly payments Dear Karen, A lot of adjustable-rate mortgage holders are looking at low fixed mortgage rates and wondering if they should refinance.

ARMs have an initial fixed- rate period, when rates and monthly payments may be lower than fixed-rate loans. When the initial fixed-rate period ends, the monthly payment adjusts based on the type of ARM loan you have. Your interest rate (and monthly payment) will rise or fall based on the market rate or index.

Garrett sees a lot of borrowers who move from an ARM to a fixed-rate mortgage opting for a shorter loan payback, especially if they’ve had their loans for "around 10 years, give or take.". "They either want to stay with a 20-year, for instance, or they’re dropping down to a 15-year, which is smart," he says.

Exercising the Fixed Rate Conversion Option for ARM. – Fannie Mae – Loans (ARM Loans) and structured arm loans (SARM Loans). Loan Purpose = “Refinance”; and. Interest Rate Conversion = “ARM to Fixed”. Q3.

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Fixed vs variable mortgage in 2018: Which is better? Interested in refinancing your mortgage? View today’s mortgage refinance rates for fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages to see if you could lower your monthly.